Monday, August 29, 2011

Learning to can...

This weekend I sat staring at my mounding piles of tomatoes and wondering now that I have successfully grown something, what do I do with it all?  I didn't quite have enough to make anything strictly from garden vegetables so I headed out to the local Sprouts store and picked up the remaining ingredients for salsa.  The recipe I used came from my Ball's Complete Book of Home Preserving which until now has been  a shelf display :)
After two hours of chopping, blanching, peeling and stirring I successfully created my first canned salsa!
I think it will taste great!  I hear that the ingredients infuse with each other as they mingle together in the jar.  I didn't have enough salsa to keep some uncanned so the final taste will be a mystery for some time.  I did notice however that my salsa was more orange than red?!  Maybe it was the color of the tomatoes I used?  I don't know what would cause, that do you?
Well the canning bug really hit after the salsa and while I was at the Sprouts store, I found an amazing deal on fresh strawberries and blueberries.  I found a great recipe for Honey Strawberry Jam on this   wonderful site .  I found it through my new favorite site Pinterest! Here is a link to the pin on
I hate the amount of sugar that preserved fruits use so this really caught my attention because it is sugar-free!  It uses all natural honey!  Last night, the kiddos and I began to wash, chop, stir, and boil strawberries.  Within an hour and a half we had these beauties-
This is what I am eating for breakfast this morning!  Plain greek yogurt with yummy strawberry jam!  Jealous yet? lol
Next up on my "need to try" list is Honey Blueberry Jam...

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  1. LOL...the canning bug is catching, isn't it? We're working through a ton of tomatoes too; I was up til near-midnight last night making salsa, sauce and juice. Today, I'm dehydrating slices for dips, soups, etc. And yes, the orangey color is most likely from the tomatoes you used.

  2. Looks amazing. We made plum jam when I was little with my mom but when the tree cracked we never really got into it again. Now that I'm older I'm working on Jam and Jellies. :) Lots of fun!

  3. That looks delicious!! Thanks for linking up to Pin it Do it!


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